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A day on the strait of Messina

A day on the strait of Messina

Despite their "friendly rivalry", the two cities of Messina and Reggio Calabria not only share the Strait (being one in front of the other) but also a glorious common history that has got deep roots in the times when the cities were colonies of the Magna Greece. Their geographical position, obliged passage for every ancient population aiming to reach the further north coastline of Italy, made the fortune of the two cities and inspired the creation of several myths. Take a walk along the sea in Reggio Calabria to admire the fantastic view of the Strait, than don't miss the V century BC statues called the Riace Bronzes preserved in the National Museum. In 30 minutes from Reggio Calabria Port you can get in Messina with a ferry boat and enjoy a nice walk in the old city centre where you will easily recognize the Arabic and Greek influence. Of course, you can't forget to taste the many local specialties of the two cities, very well known all over Italy and the World. The two cities are now waiting for approval to be added in the World Heritage List of the UNESCO.

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