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Semi-Private Colosseum, Underground

Semi-Private Colosseum, Underground

This is an exclusive tour for those who want to concentrate a little bit more on the archeological aspect of Rome. Thanks to our special reservation, you will see the areas that are normally not open to the public. You will be led by an Archeologist into the (no longer original) arena through the door where the Gladiators used to come out lifeless. Then you will go down in the basements, where there are the dangeons, cages for the wild animals, passages and corridors walked by the thousands of Gladiators over the 500 years of use. You also have the opportunity to climb to the Colosseum's top level, where you will enjoy the breathtaking view of the Eternal City. This tour also includes a stroll through the Roman Forum, the Palatine Hill and the Imperial Fora, in order to have a full picture of Ancient Times. Our Dreamin’Rome expert will bring you back in time, and allow you to completely plunge yourself in the glorius past of Rome.

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3 hours min.
Can be combined with a car service
Disabled Friendly
Kids Friendly
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Dreamin' Rome, Italy Luxury Tours

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